The Original Bad Air Sponge

Original Bad Air Sponge

USDA Approved
Premium Odor Neutralizer

Air Purifications Solutions, LLC in Marlton, NJ is an authorized Wholesale Distributor of the Original Bad Air Sponge product line.

A variety of sizes to choose from 1lb, 2lb, 5lb and 35lb containers are designed for the sole purpose of eliminating undesirable odors and fumes.

Top Choice
for Odor Elimination

The Bad Air Sponge was developed over 50 years ago with the sole premise to provide an environmentally safe odor neutralizer, designed to eliminate and neutralize odors rather than just mask them.

How Does the
Bad Air Sponge Work?

Original Bad Air Sponge

It works by absorbing and neutralizing odor molecules as it is dispersed and circulated throughout the affected areas.

BAS (Bad Air Sponge) does not need to directly come in contact with the odor source to eliminate it. Simply remove BAS from its container and place it onto its lid. Now move BAS into the affected area and let the remediation process do its work.

BAS is Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, 100% Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe around children and pets. It will last 30-150 days based on product and odor size. BAS reduces in size as it reacts with airborne odor causing compounds.

Odor Neutralizer
Technical Specs

Theoretical Coverage 1 Lbs. per Ton / 400 Sq. Ft / 350 CFM (Light Odors)
Appearance Blue; Solid Paste Gel
pH 7 (neutral)
Clean-Up Water
Viscosity Paste gel
% Solids 17%
Odor Mildly Fragrant
Shelf Life 2 Years
EPA Registration None Required
Effects of Over Exposure Eye-Skin-Ingestion-Inhalation (None Known)
Shipping Included in Price

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