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Welcome to Air Purification Solutions, LLC

Are your employees exposed to health risks due to airborne Toxins like Diesel Exhaust Fumes, Noxious Gases, VOCs, Airborne Pathogens or just Plain Musty Odors? Do you wish you could rid your home or office area of allergy related contaminants like Pollen, Mold Spores and Dust? Whether you want to purify the air in your Fire House, EMS Facility, Public Works Repair Garage, Fleet Maintenance Repair Facility or just your office or home, Air Purification Solutions, LLC will work with you to find the system that best fits your situation and budget.

Air Purification Solutions, LLC sells Air Purification Systems-Factory Spec. Parts, Filters and Service on everything we sell. The Air Purification Systems we sell meets the requirements of the California Environmental Protection Agency. We sell products designed to provide Air Quality Solutions for a wide variety of customers.

We Provide Air Purification Systems for:

  • Auto Dealers
  • Body Shops
  • EMS Facilities

  • Fabrication Facilities
  • Fire Departments
  • Fleet Maintenance Facilities

  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • Military Bases

  • Public Works Garages
  • Recycle/Waste Depot
  • Transportation Depots

We Proudly Distribute:

  • AirMATION Diesel Exhaust Removal Systems 
  • Airephase Industrial Air Cleaners
  • Austin Air Purifiers

  • Bad Air Sponge (Odor Neutralizer)
  • Microcon Air Purifiers

Cleaning the Air in any Industrial/Commercial/Residential Setting is what we do.

Let AirMATION, Airephase, Microcon, Austin Air or Bad Air Sponge help clean the air that you breathe each and every day.